Stones to Kilograms (st to kg)

kg to stones (Swap Units)
Stones Kilograms
0st 0kg
1st 6.35029335815197kg
2st 12.7005867163039kg
3st 19.0508800744559kg
4st 25.4011734326079kg
5st 31.7514667907599kg
6st 38.1017601489118kg
7st 44.4520535070638kg
8st 50.8023468652158kg
9st 57.1526402233678kg
10st 63.5029335815197kg
11st 69.8532269396717kg
12st 76.2035202978237kg
13st 82.5538136559756kg
14st 88.9041070141276kg
15st 95.2544003722796kg
16st 101.604693730432kg
17st 107.954987088584kg
18st 114.305280446736kg
19st 120.655573804887kg
20st 127.005867163039kg
21st 133.356160521191kg
22st 139.706453879343kg
23st 146.056747237495kg
24st 152.407040595647kg
25st 158.757333953799kg
26st 165.107627311951kg
27st 171.457920670103kg
28st 177.808214028255kg
29st 184.158507386407kg
30st 190.508800744559kg
31st 196.859094102711kg
32st 203.209387460863kg
33st 209.559680819015kg
34st 215.909974177167kg
35st 222.260267535319kg
36st 228.610560893471kg
37st 234.960854251623kg
38st 241.311147609775kg
39st 247.661440967927kg
40st 254.011734326079kg
41st 260.362027684231kg
42st 266.712321042383kg
43st 273.062614400535kg
44st 279.412907758687kg
45st 285.763201116839kg
46st 292.113494474991kg
47st 298.463787833143kg
48st 304.814081191295kg
49st 311.164374549447kg
50st 317.514667907599kg
51st 323.864961265751kg
52st 330.215254623903kg
53st 336.565547982055kg
54st 342.915841340206kg
55st 349.266134698358kg
56st 355.61642805651kg
57st 361.966721414662kg
58st 368.317014772814kg
59st 374.667308130966kg
60st 381.017601489118kg
61st 387.36789484727kg
62st 393.718188205422kg
63st 400.068481563574kg
64st 406.418774921726kg
65st 412.769068279878kg
66st 419.11936163803kg
67st 425.469654996182kg
68st 431.819948354334kg
69st 438.170241712486kg
70st 444.520535070638kg
71st 450.87082842879kg
72st 457.221121786942kg
73st 463.571415145094kg
74st 469.921708503246kg
75st 476.272001861398kg
76st 482.62229521955kg
77st 488.972588577702kg
78st 495.322881935854kg
79st 501.673175294006kg
80st 508.023468652158kg
81st 514.37376201031kg
82st 520.724055368462kg
83st 527.074348726614kg
84st 533.424642084766kg
85st 539.774935442918kg
86st 546.12522880107kg
87st 552.475522159222kg
88st 558.825815517374kg
89st 565.176108875526kg
90st 571.526402233678kg
91st 577.87669559183kg
92st 584.226988949981kg
93st 590.577282308133kg
94st 596.927575666285kg
95st 603.277869024437kg
96st 609.628162382589kg
97st 615.978455740741kg
98st 622.328749098893kg
99st 628.679042457045kg
100st 635.029335815197kg


A stone is a unit of weight equal to 14 pounds averdupois (or international lbs). By turn, this makes a stone equivalent to 6.35029kg.

kg =


The kilogram is the base unit of mass in the International (SI) System of Units, and is accepted on a day-to-day basis as a unit of weight (the gravitational force acting on any given object).

The kilogram is almost exactly equal to the mass of one litre of water.

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