Miles per hour to Kilometers per hour

kph to mph (Swap Units)
Miles per hour Kilometers per hour
0mph 0kph
1mph 1.60934400579467kph
2mph 3.21868801158934kph
3mph 4.82803201738401kph
4mph 6.43737602317867kph
5mph 8.04672002897334kph
6mph 9.65606403476801kph
7mph 11.2654080405627kph
8mph 12.8747520463573kph
9mph 14.484096052152kph
10mph 16.0934400579467kph
11mph 17.7027840637414kph
12mph 19.312128069536kph
13mph 20.9214720753307kph
14mph 22.5308160811254kph
15mph 24.14016008692kph
16mph 25.7495040927147kph
17mph 27.3588480985094kph
18mph 28.968192104304kph
19mph 30.5775361100987kph
20mph 32.1868801158934kph
21mph 33.796224121688kph
22mph 35.4055681274827kph
23mph 37.0149121332774kph
24mph 38.624256139072kph
25mph 40.2336001448667kph
26mph 41.8429441506614kph
27mph 43.452288156456kph
28mph 45.0616321622507kph
29mph 46.6709761680454kph
30mph 48.2803201738401kph
31mph 49.8896641796347kph
32mph 51.4990081854294kph
33mph 53.1083521912241kph
34mph 54.7176961970187kph
35mph 56.3270402028134kph
36mph 57.9363842086081kph
37mph 59.5457282144027kph
38mph 61.1550722201974kph
39mph 62.7644162259921kph
40mph 64.3737602317867kph
41mph 65.9831042375814kph
42mph 67.5924482433761kph
43mph 69.2017922491707kph
44mph 70.8111362549654kph
45mph 72.4204802607601kph
46mph 74.0298242665547kph
47mph 75.6391682723494kph
48mph 77.2485122781441kph
49mph 78.8578562839388kph
50mph 80.4672002897334kph
51mph 82.0765442955281kph
52mph 83.6858883013228kph
53mph 85.2952323071174kph
54mph 86.9045763129121kph
55mph 88.5139203187068kph
56mph 90.1232643245014kph
57mph 91.7326083302961kph
58mph 93.3419523360908kph
59mph 94.9512963418854kph
60mph 96.5606403476801kph
61mph 98.1699843534748kph
62mph 99.7793283592694kph
63mph 101.388672365064kph
64mph 102.998016370859kph
65mph 104.607360376653kph
66mph 106.216704382448kph
67mph 107.826048388243kph
68mph 109.435392394037kph
69mph 111.044736399832kph
70mph 112.654080405627kph
71mph 114.263424411421kph
72mph 115.872768417216kph
73mph 117.482112423011kph
74mph 119.091456428805kph
75mph 120.7008004346kph
76mph 122.310144440395kph
77mph 123.919488446189kph
78mph 125.528832451984kph
79mph 127.138176457779kph
80mph 128.747520463573kph
81mph 130.356864469368kph
82mph 131.966208475163kph
83mph 133.575552480957kph
84mph 135.184896486752kph
85mph 136.794240492547kph
86mph 138.403584498341kph
87mph 140.012928504136kph
88mph 141.622272509931kph
89mph 143.231616515725kph
90mph 144.84096052152kph
91mph 146.450304527315kph
92mph 148.059648533109kph
93mph 149.668992538904kph
94mph 151.278336544699kph
95mph 152.887680550493kph
96mph 154.497024556288kph
97mph 156.106368562083kph
98mph 157.715712567878kph
99mph 159.325056573672kph
100mph 160.934400579467kph

Miles per hour

This is a measurement of speed typically used in non-metric countries for transport such as the USA. The United Kingdom also uses this on the roads although officially the metric system has been adopted. Road speed limits are given in miles per hour which is abbreviated as mph or mi/h.

Kilometers per hour

This is a measurement of speed typically used in countries using the metric system for transport. Road speed limits are given in kilometers per hour which is abbreviated as kph or km/h.

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