Pound force per square inch to Bar conversion

Bar to Pound force per square inch (Swap Units)
Pound force per square inch Bar
0psi 0bar
1psi 0.0689475718526778bar
2psi 0.137895143705356bar
3psi 0.206842715558033bar
4psi 0.275790287410711bar
5psi 0.344737859263389bar
6psi 0.413685431116067bar
7psi 0.482633002968745bar
8psi 0.551580574821422bar
9psi 0.6205281466741bar
10psi 0.689475718526778bar
11psi 0.758423290379456bar
12psi 0.827370862232133bar
13psi 0.896318434084811bar
14psi 0.965266005937489bar
15psi 1.03421357779017bar
16psi 1.10316114964284bar
17psi 1.17210872149552bar
18psi 1.2410562933482bar
19psi 1.31000386520088bar
20psi 1.37895143705356bar
21psi 1.44789900890623bar
22psi 1.51684658075891bar
23psi 1.58579415261159bar
24psi 1.65474172446427bar
25psi 1.72368929631694bar
26psi 1.79263686816962bar
27psi 1.8615844400223bar
28psi 1.93053201187498bar
29psi 1.99947958372766bar
30psi 2.06842715558033bar
31psi 2.13737472743301bar
32psi 2.20632229928569bar
33psi 2.27526987113837bar
34psi 2.34421744299104bar
35psi 2.41316501484372bar
36psi 2.4821125866964bar
37psi 2.55106015854908bar
38psi 2.62000773040176bar
39psi 2.68895530225443bar
40psi 2.75790287410711bar
41psi 2.82685044595979bar
42psi 2.89579801781247bar
43psi 2.96474558966514bar
44psi 3.03369316151782bar
45psi 3.1026407333705bar
46psi 3.17158830522318bar
47psi 3.24053587707586bar
48psi 3.30948344892853bar
49psi 3.37843102078121bar
50psi 3.44737859263389bar
51psi 3.51632616448657bar
52psi 3.58527373633925bar
53psi 3.65422130819192bar
54psi 3.7231688800446bar
55psi 3.79211645189728bar
56psi 3.86106402374996bar
57psi 3.93001159560263bar
58psi 3.99895916745531bar
59psi 4.06790673930799bar
60psi 4.13685431116067bar
61psi 4.20580188301335bar
62psi 4.27474945486602bar
63psi 4.3436970267187bar
64psi 4.41264459857138bar
65psi 4.48159217042406bar
66psi 4.55053974227673bar
67psi 4.61948731412941bar
68psi 4.68843488598209bar
69psi 4.75738245783477bar
70psi 4.82633002968744bar
71psi 4.89527760154012bar
72psi 4.9642251733928bar
73psi 5.03317274524548bar
74psi 5.10212031709816bar
75psi 5.17106788895083bar
76psi 5.24001546080351bar
77psi 5.30896303265619bar
78psi 5.37791060450887bar
79psi 5.44685817636155bar
80psi 5.51580574821422bar
81psi 5.5847533200669bar
82psi 5.65370089191958bar
83psi 5.72264846377226bar
84psi 5.79159603562493bar
85psi 5.86054360747761bar
86psi 5.92949117933029bar
87psi 5.99843875118297bar
88psi 6.06738632303565bar
89psi 6.13633389488832bar
90psi 6.205281466741bar
91psi 6.27422903859368bar
92psi 6.34317661044636bar
93psi 6.41212418229903bar
94psi 6.48107175415171bar
95psi 6.55001932600439bar
96psi 6.61896689785707bar
97psi 6.68791446970975bar
98psi 6.75686204156242bar
99psi 6.8258096134151bar
100psi 6.89475718526778bar

Pound force per square inch

1 psi is the pressure exterted by one pound-force of force being applied to an area of one square inch

bar =


1 bar is defined as 100,000 Pascals

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