Pound force per square inch to Atmospheres conversion

Atmospheres to Pound force per square inch (Swap Units)
Pound force per square inch Atmospheres
0psi 0atm
1psi 0.0680459630714047atm
2psi 0.136091926142809atm
3psi 0.204137889214214atm
4psi 0.272183852285619atm
5psi 0.340229815357024atm
6psi 0.408275778428428atm
7psi 0.476321741499833atm
8psi 0.544367704571238atm
9psi 0.612413667642642atm
10psi 0.680459630714047atm
11psi 0.748505593785452atm
12psi 0.816551556856857atm
13psi 0.884597519928261atm
14psi 0.952643482999666atm
15psi 1.02068944607107atm
16psi 1.08873540914248atm
17psi 1.15678137221388atm
18psi 1.22482733528528atm
19psi 1.29287329835669atm
20psi 1.36091926142809atm
21psi 1.4289652244995atm
22psi 1.4970111875709atm
23psi 1.56505715064231atm
24psi 1.63310311371371atm
25psi 1.70114907678512atm
26psi 1.76919503985652atm
27psi 1.83724100292793atm
28psi 1.90528696599933atm
29psi 1.97333292907074atm
30psi 2.04137889214214atm
31psi 2.10942485521355atm
32psi 2.17747081828495atm
33psi 2.24551678135636atm
34psi 2.31356274442776atm
35psi 2.38160870749916atm
36psi 2.44965467057057atm
37psi 2.51770063364197atm
38psi 2.58574659671338atm
39psi 2.65379255978478atm
40psi 2.72183852285619atm
41psi 2.78988448592759atm
42psi 2.857930448999atm
43psi 2.9259764120704atm
44psi 2.99402237514181atm
45psi 3.06206833821321atm
46psi 3.13011430128462atm
47psi 3.19816026435602atm
48psi 3.26620622742743atm
49psi 3.33425219049883atm
50psi 3.40229815357024atm
51psi 3.47034411664164atm
52psi 3.53839007971305atm
53psi 3.60643604278445atm
54psi 3.67448200585585atm
55psi 3.74252796892726atm
56psi 3.81057393199866atm
57psi 3.87861989507007atm
58psi 3.94666585814147atm
59psi 4.01471182121288atm
60psi 4.08275778428428atm
61psi 4.15080374735569atm
62psi 4.21884971042709atm
63psi 4.2868956734985atm
64psi 4.3549416365699atm
65psi 4.42298759964131atm
66psi 4.49103356271271atm
67psi 4.55907952578412atm
68psi 4.62712548885552atm
69psi 4.69517145192693atm
70psi 4.76321741499833atm
71psi 4.83126337806973atm
72psi 4.89930934114114atm
73psi 4.96735530421254atm
74psi 5.03540126728395atm
75psi 5.10344723035535atm
76psi 5.17149319342676atm
77psi 5.23953915649816atm
78psi 5.30758511956957atm
79psi 5.37563108264097atm
80psi 5.44367704571238atm
81psi 5.51172300878378atm
82psi 5.57976897185519atm
83psi 5.64781493492659atm
84psi 5.715860897998atm
85psi 5.7839068610694atm
86psi 5.85195282414081atm
87psi 5.91999878721221atm
88psi 5.98804475028362atm
89psi 6.05609071335502atm
90psi 6.12413667642642atm
91psi 6.19218263949783atm
92psi 6.26022860256923atm
93psi 6.32827456564064atm
94psi 6.39632052871204atm
95psi 6.46436649178345atm
96psi 6.53241245485485atm
97psi 6.60045841792626atm
98psi 6.66850438099766atm
99psi 6.73655034406907atm
100psi 6.80459630714047atm

Pound force per square inch

1 psi is the pressure exterted by one pound-force of force being applied to an area of one square inch

atm =
psi * 0.068046


1 atmosphere is the pressure exerted by the weight of air in the atmosphere acting on 1 square centimeter and is defined as being equal to 101325 Pa

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