Bar to Pound force per square inch conversion

Pound force per square inch to Bar (Swap Units)
Bar Pound force per square inch
0bar 0psi
1bar 14.503774psi
2bar 29.007548psi
3bar 43.511322psi
4bar 58.015096psi
5bar 72.51887psi
6bar 87.022644psi
7bar 101.526418psi
8bar 116.030192psi
9bar 130.533966psi
10bar 145.03774psi
11bar 159.541514psi
12bar 174.045288psi
13bar 188.549062psi
14bar 203.052836psi
15bar 217.55661psi
16bar 232.060384psi
17bar 246.564158psi
18bar 261.067932psi
19bar 275.571706psi
20bar 290.07548psi
21bar 304.579254psi
22bar 319.083028psi
23bar 333.586802psi
24bar 348.090576psi
25bar 362.59435psi
26bar 377.098124psi
27bar 391.601898psi
28bar 406.105672psi
29bar 420.609446psi
30bar 435.11322psi
31bar 449.616994psi
32bar 464.120768psi
33bar 478.624542psi
34bar 493.128316psi
35bar 507.63209psi
36bar 522.135864psi
37bar 536.639638psi
38bar 551.143412psi
39bar 565.647186psi
40bar 580.15096psi
41bar 594.654734psi
42bar 609.158508psi
43bar 623.662282psi
44bar 638.166056psi
45bar 652.66983psi
46bar 667.173604psi
47bar 681.677378psi
48bar 696.181152psi
49bar 710.684926psi
50bar 725.1887psi
51bar 739.692474psi
52bar 754.196248psi
53bar 768.700022psi
54bar 783.203796psi
55bar 797.70757psi
56bar 812.211344psi
57bar 826.715118psi
58bar 841.218892psi
59bar 855.722666psi
60bar 870.22644psi
61bar 884.730214psi
62bar 899.233988psi
63bar 913.737762psi
64bar 928.241536psi
65bar 942.74531psi
66bar 957.249084psi
67bar 971.752858psi
68bar 986.256632psi
69bar 1000.760406psi
70bar 1015.26418psi
71bar 1029.767954psi
72bar 1044.271728psi
73bar 1058.775502psi
74bar 1073.279276psi
75bar 1087.78305psi
76bar 1102.286824psi
77bar 1116.790598psi
78bar 1131.294372psi
79bar 1145.798146psi
80bar 1160.30192psi
81bar 1174.805694psi
82bar 1189.309468psi
83bar 1203.813242psi
84bar 1218.317016psi
85bar 1232.82079psi
86bar 1247.324564psi
87bar 1261.828338psi
88bar 1276.332112psi
89bar 1290.835886psi
90bar 1305.33966psi
91bar 1319.843434psi
92bar 1334.347208psi
93bar 1348.850982psi
94bar 1363.354756psi
95bar 1377.85853psi
96bar 1392.362304psi
97bar 1406.866078psi
98bar 1421.369852psi
99bar 1435.873626psi
100bar 1450.3774psi


1 bar is defined as 100,000 Pascals

psi =
bar * 14.504

Pound force per square inch

1 psi is the pressure exterted by one pound-force of force being applied to an area of one square inch

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