Atmospheres to Pound force per square inch conversion

Pound force per square inch to Atmospheres (Swap Units)
Atmospheres Pound force per square inch
0atm 0psi
1atm 14.6959489565992psi
2atm 29.3918979131985psi
3atm 44.0878468697977psi
4atm 58.7837958263969psi
5atm 73.4797447829962psi
6atm 88.1756937395954psi
7atm 102.871642696195psi
8atm 117.567591652794psi
9atm 132.263540609393psi
10atm 146.959489565992psi
11atm 161.655438522592psi
12atm 176.351387479191psi
13atm 191.04733643579psi
14atm 205.743285392389psi
15atm 220.439234348988psi
16atm 235.135183305588psi
17atm 249.831132262187psi
18atm 264.527081218786psi
19atm 279.223030175385psi
20atm 293.918979131985psi
21atm 308.614928088584psi
22atm 323.310877045183psi
23atm 338.006826001782psi
24atm 352.702774958382psi
25atm 367.398723914981psi
26atm 382.09467287158psi
27atm 396.790621828179psi
28atm 411.486570784779psi
29atm 426.182519741378psi
30atm 440.878468697977psi
31atm 455.574417654576psi
32atm 470.270366611175psi
33atm 484.966315567775psi
34atm 499.662264524374psi
35atm 514.358213480973psi
36atm 529.054162437572psi
37atm 543.750111394172psi
38atm 558.446060350771psi
39atm 573.14200930737psi
40atm 587.837958263969psi
41atm 602.533907220569psi
42atm 617.229856177168psi
43atm 631.925805133767psi
44atm 646.621754090366psi
45atm 661.317703046965psi
46atm 676.013652003565psi
47atm 690.709600960164psi
48atm 705.405549916763psi
49atm 720.101498873362psi
50atm 734.797447829962psi
51atm 749.493396786561psi
52atm 764.18934574316psi
53atm 778.885294699759psi
54atm 793.581243656359psi
55atm 808.277192612958psi
56atm 822.973141569557psi
57atm 837.669090526156psi
58atm 852.365039482755psi
59atm 867.060988439355psi
60atm 881.756937395954psi
61atm 896.452886352553psi
62atm 911.148835309152psi
63atm 925.844784265752psi
64atm 940.540733222351psi
65atm 955.23668217895psi
66atm 969.932631135549psi
67atm 984.628580092149psi
68atm 999.324529048748psi
69atm 1014.02047800535psi
70atm 1028.71642696195psi
71atm 1043.41237591855psi
72atm 1058.10832487514psi
73atm 1072.80427383174psi
74atm 1087.50022278834psi
75atm 1102.19617174494psi
76atm 1116.89212070154psi
77atm 1131.58806965814psi
78atm 1146.28401861474psi
79atm 1160.97996757134psi
80atm 1175.67591652794psi
81atm 1190.37186548454psi
82atm 1205.06781444114psi
83atm 1219.76376339774psi
84atm 1234.45971235434psi
85atm 1249.15566131093psi
86atm 1263.85161026753psi
87atm 1278.54755922413psi
88atm 1293.24350818073psi
89atm 1307.93945713733psi
90atm 1322.63540609393psi
91atm 1337.33135505053psi
92atm 1352.02730400713psi
93atm 1366.72325296373psi
94atm 1381.41920192033psi
95atm 1396.11515087693psi
96atm 1410.81109983353psi
97atm 1425.50704879013psi
98atm 1440.20299774672psi
99atm 1454.89894670332psi
100atm 1469.59489565992psi


1 atmosphere is the pressure exerted by the weight of air in the atmosphere acting on 1 square centimeter and is defined as being equal to 101325 Pa

psi =
atm * 14.696

Pound force per square inch

1 psi is the pressure exterted by one pound-force of force being applied to an area of one square inch

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