Kilometers to Miles conversion

Miles to Kilometers (Swap Units)
Kilometers Miles
0km 0mi
1km 0.62137119mi
2km 1.24274238mi
3km 1.86411357mi
4km 2.48548476mi
5km 3.10685595mi
6km 3.72822714mi
7km 4.34959833mi
8km 4.97096952mi
9km 5.59234071mi
10km 6.2137119mi
11km 6.83508309mi
12km 7.45645428mi
13km 8.07782547mi
14km 8.69919666mi
15km 9.32056785mi
16km 9.94193904mi
17km 10.56331023mi
18km 11.18468142mi
19km 11.80605261mi
20km 12.4274238mi
21km 13.04879499mi
22km 13.67016618mi
23km 14.29153737mi
24km 14.91290856mi
25km 15.53427975mi
26km 16.15565094mi
27km 16.77702213mi
28km 17.39839332mi
29km 18.01976451mi
30km 18.6411357mi
31km 19.26250689mi
32km 19.88387808mi
33km 20.50524927mi
34km 21.12662046mi
35km 21.74799165mi
36km 22.36936284mi
37km 22.99073403mi
38km 23.61210522mi
39km 24.23347641mi
40km 24.8548476mi
41km 25.47621879mi
42km 26.09758998mi
43km 26.71896117mi
44km 27.34033236mi
45km 27.96170355mi
46km 28.58307474mi
47km 29.20444593mi
48km 29.82581712mi
49km 30.44718831mi
50km 31.0685595mi
51km 31.68993069mi
52km 32.31130188mi
53km 32.93267307mi
54km 33.55404426mi
55km 34.17541545mi
56km 34.79678664mi
57km 35.41815783mi
58km 36.03952902mi
59km 36.66090021mi
60km 37.2822714mi
61km 37.90364259mi
62km 38.52501378mi
63km 39.14638497mi
64km 39.76775616mi
65km 40.38912735mi
66km 41.01049854mi
67km 41.63186973mi
68km 42.25324092mi
69km 42.87461211mi
70km 43.4959833mi
71km 44.11735449mi
72km 44.73872568mi
73km 45.36009687mi
74km 45.98146806mi
75km 46.60283925mi
76km 47.22421044mi
77km 47.84558163mi
78km 48.46695282mi
79km 49.08832401mi
80km 49.7096952mi
81km 50.33106639mi
82km 50.95243758mi
83km 51.57380877mi
84km 52.19517996mi
85km 52.81655115mi
86km 53.43792234mi
87km 54.05929353mi
88km 54.68066472mi
89km 55.30203591mi
90km 55.9234071mi
91km 56.54477829mi
92km 57.16614948mi
93km 57.78752067mi
94km 58.40889186mi
95km 59.03026305mi
96km 59.65163424mi
97km 60.27300543mi
98km 60.89437662mi
99km 61.51574781mi
100km 62.137119mi


The kilometre is unit of length in the metric system equivalent to one thousand metres.

1Km is equivalent to 0.6214 miles.

mi =
km * 0.62137


A unit of length equal to 1760 yards

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