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Centimeters Inches
0cm 0in
1cm 0.39370079in
2cm 0.78740158in
3cm 1.18110237in
4cm 1.57480316in
5cm 1.96850395in
6cm 2.36220474in
7cm 2.75590553in
8cm 3.14960632in
9cm 3.54330711in
10cm 3.9370079in
11cm 4.33070869in
12cm 4.72440948in
13cm 5.11811027in
14cm 5.51181106in
15cm 5.90551185in
16cm 6.29921264in
17cm 6.69291343in
18cm 7.08661422in
19cm 7.48031501in
20cm 7.8740158in
21cm 8.26771659in
22cm 8.66141738in
23cm 9.05511817in
24cm 9.44881896in
25cm 9.84251975in
26cm 10.23622054in
27cm 10.62992133in
28cm 11.02362212in
29cm 11.41732291in
30cm 11.8110237in
31cm 12.20472449in
32cm 12.59842528in
33cm 12.99212607in
34cm 13.38582686in
35cm 13.77952765in
36cm 14.17322844in
37cm 14.56692923in
38cm 14.96063002in
39cm 15.35433081in
40cm 15.7480316in
41cm 16.14173239in
42cm 16.53543318in
43cm 16.92913397in
44cm 17.32283476in
45cm 17.71653555in
46cm 18.11023634in
47cm 18.50393713in
48cm 18.89763792in
49cm 19.29133871in
50cm 19.6850395in
51cm 20.07874029in
52cm 20.47244108in
53cm 20.86614187in
54cm 21.25984266in
55cm 21.65354345in
56cm 22.04724424in
57cm 22.44094503in
58cm 22.83464582in
59cm 23.22834661in
60cm 23.6220474in
61cm 24.01574819in
62cm 24.40944898in
63cm 24.80314977in
64cm 25.19685056in
65cm 25.59055135in
66cm 25.98425214in
67cm 26.37795293in
68cm 26.77165372in
69cm 27.16535451in
70cm 27.5590553in
71cm 27.95275609in
72cm 28.34645688in
73cm 28.74015767in
74cm 29.13385846in
75cm 29.52755925in
76cm 29.92126004in
77cm 30.31496083in
78cm 30.70866162in
79cm 31.10236241in
80cm 31.4960632in
81cm 31.88976399in
82cm 32.28346478in
83cm 32.67716557in
84cm 33.07086636in
85cm 33.46456715in
86cm 33.85826794in
87cm 34.25196873in
88cm 34.64566952in
89cm 35.03937031in
90cm 35.4330711in
91cm 35.82677189in
92cm 36.22047268in
93cm 36.61417347in
94cm 37.00787426in
95cm 37.40157505in
96cm 37.79527584in
97cm 38.18897663in
98cm 38.58267742in
99cm 38.97637821in
100cm 39.370079in


The centimetre is a unit of length in the metric system, equal to one-hundredth of a metre.

1cm is equivalent to 0.39370 inches.

in =
cm * 0.39370


The inch is a unit of length used primarily in the imperial and U.S. customary measurement systems, representing 1/12 of a foot and 1/36 of a yard.

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